July 11, 2011

So my new dealer finally texts me back saying he’s got stuff in stock. He says “hey dude…i just got some retarded shit.”

Really? It’s retarded? So is the weed slow or something? Or is it just you?

Then I ask how much he’s asking and he replies “Gotta test it first. It’s white widow medical strain.”

Test it? What, you taking Ochem now? You gonna go into the lab, break it down and check for its concentration of THC?

And for the record, whenever someone in a state that doesn’t have MMJ tells me they have a named strain, they usually don’t. They’re just jacking up the price by slapping a name on it.

This shit personally offends me.

I need to find a legit dealer, above the age of 20.

All I want is 1 thing. W-E-E-D. That’s it.

Now fuck off and sell me some weed so I can start to not hate my existence.

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