July 4, 2011
An Experiment in Edibles

Drug: Cannabis (Ingested)

Date: 7/3-7/4/2011

Licensed Recreational Pharmacologist: D

Dose: 6 grams of duff

Time: At approximately midnight, ingested over the period of about a half hour.


Unlike smoking from a bowl or bong, smoking a vaporizer does not turn herb into ash.  Instead, what is called “duff” is left behind in the vape.  It’s basically used weed.  Duff still retains a certain amount of THC, as well as other cannabinoids, so I was possessed with the idea of saving my duff.  Since it’s been about a week since I got high, I was feeling the itch, and finally went through with preparing my savings.  I made some very simple recipes, which will be shared below.

First, I weighed my duff.  I had 6 grams.  I placed it in my tea maker, which is basically a french press.  Since THC and other cannabinoids are fat soluble and not water soluble, I boiled water with butter.  I let the tea steep for about 8-10 minutes and poured it into a cup.  Then, to ensure none of my duff went to waste, I made a weed dip as well.  I sliced up a block of velveeta cheese, added salsa, and microwaved it, stirring every thirty seconds, for about two minutes.  I then added the rest of my duff to this dip and stirred it up.  With edibles in hand, I retired to my chambers and dug in.

I found myself with a serious stomach ache.  The tea didn’t taste too bad, and the dip had a smoked/burnt flavor, but for some reason my stomach was turning inside out.  So I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think the edibles were going to pan out.  The stomach pangs began to fade, and I choked down my meal despite the nausea.

Cut to about 0045.  I am higher than an eagle’s taint.  This was a top five kind of high, I was floating on a cloud.  I stared at crazy shit on the internet, I watched Californication, I ate like crazy, and I beat off.  I was ridiculously lit.  But this isn’t a blog about smoking weed.  Everyone smokes weed, you know what it’s like, I don’t need to go into detail.

I give ingestibles a thumbs up.  A big ass thumbs up.  I suspect that my stomach problems were not caused by the food, merely a coincidence.  I’m dreaming of a brave new world of getting high, drinking drug concoctions in broad daylight without any suspicion.  Instead of butter, I’ll be using whole milk, though.  Should be way more tasty, and just as intoxicating.  The dip was a success.  Stay tuned for better recipes, with fresher weed.  I kind of have a thing for baking.

In short, 4 out of 5 stars.

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